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The Importance of Repetition

Many students who live in a non-English speaking country may have few opportunities to speak English outside of class. Their only exposure to English may only be their one hour class once a week, which means it may be difficult for students to retain and remember English words and grammar. Therefore you need to continuously repeat the same words and questions again, and again, and again, and again, in order to make them stick. This does limit the amount of new material that they can learn in a year, but it will benefit the students in the long run. Check out this article to learn more about how to use repetition and keep your lessons fun and interesting.

Song: Is, am, are

Here is a great chant and video to help students remember the difficult "I am, you are, he is, she is." Grammar in English. It's a great chant to do in class without the music too!

Teaching Games

Want to use more games in class, but don't know how? Having trouble getting the kids to play properly? Check out this great guide on teaching games and help the kids have more fun when learning English.

Teach kids to read with Starfall.com

Starfall is a great free website which has tones of online stories, quizzes, songs, and worksheets to help children learn how to read. It's aimed towards English speaking children who may have reading difficulties, but it's great for ESL learners as well.

Game: Pass the Pens

A great easy game that you can play to help the students practice asking questions and giving answers. It's a great warm up game for any class.

Age: 6+
Class size: 5+
Materials: Two different colored pens (Or two objects that they can pass around) and a CD player

Song: What are you doing?

A great easy song from Dream English that practices actions like drinking, eating, walking, dancing and the phrase What are you doing? It's a great addition to any kids class, and it's a great way to get your students moving and learning English at the same time.

Speech Contest Training

If you teach English you may inevitably be asked to judge, or train students for a speech contest. If can be a little difficult or confusing if you have never done it before, and you may be given very vague expectations. Therefore I've written some great tips on how to help students train for their speech contest.

Assigning Homework

Many teachers prefer not to assign homework because they find the preparation and marking troublesome. Unfortunately many students who live in non-English speaking countries have few opportunities to practice English outside of class. They may also only have one class a week, so they can quickly forget your lessons and have difficulty keeping up. Therefore homework is a great way to help retain material and help them practice English outside of class.  Some schools may already have set homework that you must give the students, but here are some great homework ideas for if you find yourself on your own.

Song: What time is it?

Doing a unit on telling time? Here is a great song and video to show your students. It's a great addition to any unit about time, or just as a quick and fun way to review time words. I particularly like this song because it's so simple that even lower level students can follow along.

Another great way to help students remember time words is by just asking "What time is it?" As the beginning of every class. That way the students become used to saying time words and can repeat them back with minimal effort.

Game: Criss Cross

If you're lost for an easy game to play with your giant class who can't speak much English and all sit at desks, here is a great simple game to play with any level ESL class with over thirty students. All you need to do is prepare some English questions.

Age: 8+
Class size: 25+
Level: Any.