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Dancing Korean Man

Theme: Songs

I discovered this guy’s videos while searching for videos for my private student. This Korean man takes dialogues from the English textbook for Korean Elementary school students and turns it into song and dance. It’s great for if you’re working in Korea, and it’s simple and easy enough to teach any student. Teach them the dance as well and it’s a great way to help your students remember English. Click read more to check out more by this man.

ArirangPod ESL Song] This is my family for ESL class
This song is from English language Text book 2011 in Korean public shools


Theme: Teaching Tips
A great way to motivate small children is with stickers. These are like crack to small children, and those three year olds will jump through hoops of fire to get even one. Click Read more to see some great ways that you can use stickers in the classroom to motivate small children.

Improve Your English

How can you teach English when your own writing is full of mistaks. Check out this great video about common mistakes in English writing.



Theme: Games

If you're looking for a game to help reinforce vocab words or if you have a spare few minutes before the end of class, why not pick up a piece of chalk and play pictionary with your class.

Learn Another Language

Theme: Misc

If you're teaching English as a second language it doesn't hurt to have a go at learning another language yourself. You gain a better understanding of what you're students are going through, and it's also a useful skill.

If you're currently living an working in a non-English speaking country I would highly recommend learning as much of the local language as possible. It will make your daily life a lot easier, and you'll get so much more out of your overseas experience.

1st Person Daily Activities

Theme: 1st person daily activities

Here's a great video about 1st person daily activites that I showed my kindergarten students. They thought it was hilarious. The words and grammar are quite simple and easy as well.

Dave’s ESL Cafe

Theme: Jobs
Dave’s ESL Café is a great website where you can find job listings from all over the world. From Shanghai to Dubahi you can find ESL jobs in a wide range of countries. I think it’s great for people who want to travel around the world. I’ve heard good things about this website, but just remember to do conduct proper research on the company that you’re applying to before jetting off to Beijing.

Create Name Plates For Students

Theme: Teaching tips

 A great way to help the students how to remember how to write their own names is to make them create name cards for themselves. If you make them place it on their desk every lesson it’s also a great way to help you remember their names, and you can call them out if they’re not paying attention in class, and praise them when they are doing well. They’ll also find writing their names on their worksheets a whole lot easier.

Here is a good example of one at  enchanted learning.com http://www.enchantedlearning.com/crafts/name/nameplate/

Work for ECC in Japan

Jobs: Work in Japan
If you’re considering living and teaching overseas I’ll be introducing and talking about different companies that you may consider working for. Today I’ll be talking about an English chain school which is quite popular in Japan there days, also known as ECC.

Great Website for Worksheets

Websites: Esleslprintable.com

Here is a great website that I always use when looking for worksheets for my private students at the last moment. It’s all completely free and you can search by theme and student level.

Check it out by clicking here. http://www.eslprintables.com