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A great way to motivate small children is with stickers. These are like crack to small children, and those three year olds will jump through hoops of fire to get even one. Click Read more to see some great ways that you can use stickers in the classroom to motivate small children.

Behavior management

Stickers are a great way to help make the students follow classroom rules, and a great way to control difficult students. Tell the students at the beginning of class that they will get a sticker at the end of class if they follow your classroom rules, but they will get no sticker (or a smaller less exciting one) if they break them. Make sure to show the students the stickers and make them seem super exciting.

Don’t get discouraged if they still act like monsters the first class you do this. There may be a few students who go home sticker less for the first few weeks, but eventually most of them will get the message and start doing what you say.


If the children won’t sing, dance, or repeat after you, suddenly announce that you’re going to give a sticker to the child who sings the loudest and watch them go. It’s best to avoid giving a sticker to the same kid every time, or the others will feel discouraged and stop trying. If the kids are really unenthusiastic about a game, you can also offer to give the winning team stickers.


Some teachers I know also like to give children stickers for completing their homework or scoring well on a test, as a way to motivate them to do their homework and study. So you can also use stickers at a way to reward children for doing certain tasks.

Things to take into consideration

Stickers work great on small children, usually between the ages of 3-8. As they get older they being to lose interest, or demand more flashy sparkly ones. I recently began rewards stickers to teenagers who won at games, and although they did not get as excited as younger children, there were still many 14 year old students who became excited over Disney stickers.


The children may begin to demand more than one sticker at a time, WHAT EVERY YOU DO DON’T GIVE IN! Keep it at one at a time, or it will begin to escalate and they will slowly begin to demand more and more. The best thing to do is to introduce the stickers to get them motivated and then slowly cut back until they can do most tasks and try hard without them.

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