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Work for ECC in Japan

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If you’re considering living and teaching overseas I’ll be introducing and talking about different companies that you may consider working for. Today I’ll be talking about an English chain school which is quite popular in Japan there days, also known as ECC.


I’m going to be honest with you. When working in Japan there are some great schools, and then there are terrible, terrible terrible ones, luckily ECC isn’t one of them. I’ve never worked there but I’ve been in Japan long enough to have met and talked to enough teachers who do.

ECC probably has one of the best working conditions compared to other English schools such as AEON and NOVA. They have branches all over Japan in most major cities, which is great if you prefer living in a city over the countryside. You work five days a week with about 30 class hours which is less than most other companies. Most of the classes run from 3pm to 9pm. There are children’s classes, adult classes, and one on one lessons. So you’ll be teaching a variety of ages and levels.
The monthly salary (which is paid once a month) starts at 250,000 yen a month, and goes up gradually after your first and second year. The vacation package is also quite good, with one week in April, two weeks in the summer, and another two weeks around Christmas. That gives you plenty of opportunities to travel and enjoy yourself in Japan.
There is no overtime, but you will have to plan your lessons in your free time, which is quite inconvenient at first, but you will get better at lesson planning as time progresses.
There are also opportunities to work for ECC’s kindergarten program, ECC junior, during the mornings before work if you want to gain some extra money.

The contract is good in general, but every branch is different so you may end up with a great school or a terrible one. Most teachers also work at more than one school so you may have three or more schools, all in different areas of the city, which inevitably means that you can’t live close to work and may have to commute an hour or more to work every day.
Scoring a job can also be difficult. They very rarely recruit outside a requitement centre. So you may have to travel far to attend an interview, or miss out if they don’t hold interviews in your country. They may also ignore you if you don’t come from an English speaking country.  
ECC also makes a lot of money out of Saturday classes so you may inevitably have to work on a Saturday. Most people I’ve talked to work five days a week with Sunday off, and then either Monday, Tuesday, or Friday off. Most people don’t have two days off in a row, and weekend trips can be a bit inconvenient if your weekend is split into two.
The pay does increase after your first second and third year, but there is inevitably a glass ceiling unless you can somehow make your way into management, which means working for ECC doesn’t mean a career.

Other than that ECC is a great if you only plan on staying in Japan for a year or two, and provides plenty of free time and adequate vacation for travelling and enjoying Japan.
Pros: Decent salary, working conditions, and paid vacation leave compared to other English schools. You won’t be worked to death and will probably have a life.
Cons: Almost all teaches work a 3pm-9pm schedule, and you will probably have to work Saturdays, and may not have two days off in a row. Getting stuck with a terrible branch can also lead to you having a terrible time.
Check it out for yourself here

Check out the some videos of people talking about their ECC experience here.

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