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Song: The Clothing Song

A great song and video which helps reinforce clothing vocabulary and the difficult “He,” “She” and “it.”


Scary Flashcard Game

A game to play with young children which helps reinforce new words, and will have them running in terror.


Free up your Smartphone bill with a Freebit Smartphone

Freebit in Japan has just released a 2000 Yen a month unlimited internet SIM free smartphone.


Secret Card Game

Theme: Games

This is a super simple and great game that I made up with helps reinforce the grammar structure “Do you have a….”


A great way to keep over stimulated students busy after they finish their work is with a word search. Read more to see how you can utilise word searches in your English class

How much is it? Pop version.

Theme: Songs

If you’re students are struggling with those important phrases such as “How much is it?” “It’s….dollars.” Check out this great video which will have them singing and dancing “How much is it?” in no time.

Teach Abroad through Reach To Teach

Theme: Jobs

Reach To Teach helps you find an ESL teaching job with a reputable school that meets our standards for high quality English teacher positions in destinations all over the world.



Find Work in Japan on Ohayo Sensei

Theme: Jobs

This is a great website that I always use when looking for work in Japan. Click on "Pick up the current issue" to check out new job listings around Japan. The Newsletter is published twice a month, and I highly recommend reading and apply to new jobs as soon as the new issue is released.


Card Slap Game (Karuta)

Theme: Games

I'd like to introduce a popular game in Japan known as Karuta. It's a big hit in Japanese classrooms and I'm certain that your students will be addicted in no time.