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Scary Flashcard Game

A game to play with young children which helps reinforce new words, and will have them running in terror.


Age 3-8

Materials: Flashcards + 1 scary flashcard, such as a ghost, monster or vampire.

How to play: Show the children the flashcards one by one and have them repeat after you. Explain that when it gets to the scary card they need to run away and touch the wall behind them (or a desk, bookshelf, or locker) and they will be safe from the scary image on your card.

For example

Teacher: Blue!

Students: Blue

Teacher: Red!

Students: Red!

Teacher: Yellow!

Students: Yellow!

Teacher: It’s a monster!!!

Students: ahhhhhhhh! (students run away and touch the wall)

When playing with small children they may cry when they see the scary card, so it’s a good idea to demonstrate the came first with three or four students in front of the class.


As with all games, it’s important to demonstrate that they have to be careful when running, and take care not to push each other.


If you don’t have much space, or if they are sitting at desks, you can make them hide from the scary card instead of running away.

Here are some examples of scary cards that you can use.

A Monster
A Vampire

A witch

I once didn’t have any scary cards to work with, so I terrified a bunch of four year olds with a picture of a sock and told them that it was very smelly.

Smelly Socks

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