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Secret Card Game

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This is a super simple and great game that I made up with helps reinforce the grammar structure “Do you have a….”

The aim of this game is to reinforce the grammar structure “Do you have a….” “Yes, I do.” “No I don’t”
Materials: 6-25 Flashcards, or small cards. This games works best if you use flashcards the students already knowABC cards are good to use. 

How to Play: air the students up and give each pair a set of flashcards, each student takes one card out of the stack and hides it from the other student, this becomes their secret cardThe students take turns at guessing their partner secret card by asking "do you have a..."

For example

Student 1's Turn
Student 2's Turn

The student who correctly guesses their partner’s secret card first is the winner.

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