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A great way to keep over stimulated students busy after they finish their work is with a word search. Read more to see how you can utilise word searches in your English class

When I first began working at an English cram school I soon realised that some students would always finish their work faster than others. They would then get bored and proceed to wreck havoc around my classroom. A great way that I kept them occupied by was making word searches off all the new vocab and handing it to them once they had finished their workbook.

Word searches are also a great time filler, or a fun activity to help reinforce new vocab and improve spelling.

A great website that I always use when making word searches is this one here. I usually input words that the kids are currently studying to help reinforce the new material.


You can easily enter the words you want and create your own word find from scratch.

If your students have never seen a word find before it's probably best to start off with something like this, and keep it to just horizontal and back and forth words.

Once the students get used to them you can slowly increase the number or words and introduce diagonal words as well,

They also have some great shapes you can choose from as well if your students get tired of the regular square.

A Car

A happy face

Here are some other great word search creators that I found on the Internet.

Armored Penguin


Discovery Education

Super Kids


Other Fun Games on Kids ESL


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