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Rosetta Stone

Today I would like to introduce a great piece of learning software known as Rosetta stone. It’s known throughout the world, and it’s great for personal use, in a language school, or to recommend to any student who’s passionate about English.


Game: Rock Paper Scissors Battle

This is a great game to help reinforce vocab and grammar by using the popular game Rock Paper Scissors.


Adjusting to a foreign workplace.

If you decide to make the decision to work overseas, adjusting to a foreign workplace can be difficult. In most cases there are other English teachers who you can relate to and ask for advice, but if you’re working at a regular school as the English teacher, you may be the only foreigner in the school or town. You may also be the only person who can speak English. This can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness. If you are having trouble coping with your new environment here are some tips to improve your work life.

Learn English with Frozen

The recent Disney movie Frozen was a huge success with had thousands of people singing Let it go all over the world. I too was assaulted by a bunch of Japanese six year olds in the hall the other day who promptly began singing a Frozen song. They had learnt it at their English Cram school.

You too can utilise this movie to help your students learn. Kids will naturally pay attention and try to learn something that interests them, so why not utilise their love of Disney movies to teach them English.

Click read more to see how you can use Frozen in your English Lessons.

Song: I like Chicken

An easy to understand song with a great video and catchy tune which helps reinforce food the grammar point, “I like.” And “I don’t like.” Click Read more and scroll to see the video.


Teacher Interviews Japan: Dani

Here at Kids ESL I plan on interviewing many different ESL teachers. Reading about other teachers and their experiences in a great insight into the ESL teaching world. Our first interview is about Dani and her experience teaching English at a cram school in Japan

Please tell us about yourself.

Hi! My name is Dani Hadaway and I’m from Lafayette, Indiana, USA. I studied East Asian Cultures and Languages at Indiana University with a focus in Japanese as well as minoring in Linguistics and Modern Dance. I have always had a passion for languages and love incorporating movement as a teaching technique in class. My senior year of university I taught creative dance to a mentally handicapped second grade class at a low-income school. Afterwards I decided to pursue my teaching career in Japan. Besides teaching, my passions include running, writing, the outdoors, and animal rights.


This game is great for children who can’t sit still and concentrate, and it’s a great way of burning small children’s energy and teaching them English at the same time.