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This game is great for children who can’t sit still and concentrate, and it’s a great way of burning small children’s energy and teaching them English at the same time.

Ages: 6-12
Class size: 2-6 Children
Materials: Flashcards and a soft ball.
How to play: Divide the students into two teams and separate the classroom in half. (I always cleared the desks away and placed a line of chairs in the middle to show a dividing line.) Place the set of flashcards in the middle on a chair or table. Explain that you are going to play dodge ball, but demonstrate that when they are hit by the ball they need to walk over to the pile of flashcards, read the top one out loud, place it in a separate pile, and then return to the game.
Once the students have read all the flashcards, they are out when the ball hits them. The last team standing is the winner.
I would also pick a student who was already out and make his hold the cards and ask the other students “What’s this?” when they were hit by the ball.
I had a class who wanted to play this every week, for one year. So beware, once you start you may never be able to go back to dodge ball free days until they get tired of it (which could take a while).
Warning: Make sure that there is nothing breakable in the classroom that you are using. It’s also a good idea to demonstrate not to push or fight over the ball, and warn the children of dangerous corners of slippery mats that they may run into
You also don’t want to play with more than six children in a classroom. Small children will try and grab the ball and fight over it unless you have a great class who are good at sharing.
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