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Rosetta Stone

Today I would like to introduce a great piece of learning software known as Rosetta stone. It’s known throughout the world, and it’s great for personal use, in a language school, or to recommend to any student who’s passionate about English.


Here are some links to the software here. If you can’t see them please wait a little longer for the page to load. You can chose from either UK or US English.



I used this software a lot when I first began studying Japanese and it greatly improved my comprehension and pronunciation. I found my language class easier to understand and it taught be useful grammar and phrases which were easier to understand than a textbook.

The only downside is that it can sometimes be a little repetitive. You need to repeat the same exercise over and over again before the language will stick. Thankfully the creators realized this, and the newest version has plenty of interesting quizzes that can keep you entertained. It’s also a lot easier to remember the grammar and vocab if you repeat after the native speaker in every exercise. It is by far my favorite language learning software.

If you are planning on living overseas it’s also great for learning another language yourself. Learning the language of your new country will improve your experience tenfold.

Know any great language learning software? Feel free to leave a comment below

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