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Game: Rock Paper Scissors Battle

This is a great game to help reinforce vocab and grammar by using the popular game Rock Paper Scissors.


First you need to prepare a sheet of vocab that the students are currently studying, like this one.

I got these images off this site http://openclipart.org/ and just pasted them straight into Paint, but you can also use a word document.
You can demonstrate this game before the class with another teacher or smart student. Show them that you will be O and your partner will be X. Play Rock Paper Scissors. The winner picks an item off the sheet, says the required grammar point eg, I have a dog, and then marks the item with a pencil. Like this.

Continue playing rock paper Scissors and saying the grammar point before marking the sheet, when all the items are gone it should look something like this.
The person with the most marks is the winner. You can also make this a three player game by using a circle, cross, and a triangle.
A lot of children may cheat and mark the words without saying anything, so I added an extra rule. If they try to mark the sheet without saying the require vocabulary, it becomes their opponent's point. This works really well for making them talk.
Do you have any great game ideas? Please feel free to add them to our forum.
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