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Song and Video: Do you like Spagetti Yogurt

If your students are already hooked on the great ESL song and video "Do you like Broccoli Ice-Cream" You can now show them this great new video by the same company called "Do you like Spaghetti Yogurt. It's great for teaching foods and the grammar do you like.......? Yes, I do, No I don't. Like all ESL songs, I strongly encourage you to make your students sing-along.

 If you are seeing this video for the first time and you (or your students) want more, you can check out my original article by clicking here.

Planning an ESL Lesson

Many schools or organisations may have their own ways of planning a lesson that they want you to follow, but I wrote this guide for anyone who is new to ESL lesson planning and doesn't know what to do.

Game: Hangman

A great quick spelling game to help reinforce vocabulary. Click read more to find out how to play with your students, and see some more happier and child friendly versions of the game as well.

Halloween Games, Songs, Worksheets and Crafts.

Need a Halloween lesson for your school or students. Check out these great Halloween materials that you can use in class.

Song: What's Your Phone Number? (Sing-along)

A great song to help your students remember how to talk about phone numbers. It's a great idea to also sing this song karaoke style and change number to your student's phone number to help them remember.

Teaching Shapes

Teaching shapes in class? Check out these great games, songs, activities, flashcards and worksheets to help you teach shapes to your children or students.

Game: Bingo

Teaching numbers in class? Playing bingo is a great way to practise and reinforce numbers in English, and you can also use it for practising vocab and spelling as well.

Game: The Price is Right

A great game to play with students to help reinforce numbers and shopping. Read more to find out how to adapt this game for students and the classroom.

Handwriting practice

Need help getting your students to write their name or basic English words? Why not use this great name tracer generator.

Great English Learning Apps

Have a few minutes left of class but nothing to do? Looking for a great way to reward students or encourage them to learn English in their own free time? Check out these great English learning apps for your smartphone or tablet.
English Nina

I thought this game might have been a little lame but my kindergarten and elementary school kids were really into it. The kids listen to English words and then select the correct box on the screen. If they're correct the ninja will punch through enemies until the end of the level. You can also chose different characters to play as and there's a super cute girl nina as well. The first few levels are free and then I think you need to pay money, but many of my kids just played the free levels over and over again.

Check out the free version of English Ninja on itunes here

Teach English with Songs

Using songs in class is a great way to reinforce grammar and vocab. Many schools and textbooks already have their own songs, so sometimes it's as easy as just using the songs you have provided. Read more to see how you can utilize songs in and outside the classroom.

Let's Go Texbook

Let's go is a great textbook series that you can use in your class, private lessons, or at home to help teach children English.

The first book is for beginners or small children with no English language background, and it then moves onto book 1 and 2. You can purchase the books yourself on Amazon buy clicking on the above images. The material is a little harder compared to some other children's textbooks that I've used, but I believe that it's better for teaching English. Most of the students I've seen who have used this book have far better English skills and can actually hold a decent conversation. Here's an example of some of the pages.

Game: Colour touch

The default game that I always turn to when teaching colors to small children. Students walk around the classroom touching the different colors that you call out. It's simple, easy, and all you need is your classroom.

Great Phonics Songs

If you are trying to teach young students how to read you will have to repeat the same sounds multiple times, and it can be difficult for students to remember. There is also only so many times that you can say "a is for apple" before you start driving yourself crazy. Therefore I found these great easy songs that you can sing with your students to help them remember all those tricky sounds. You can also download the songs to your computer using this great website called Keepvid. http://www.keepvid.com

Days Of The Week Song

Great days of the week song to use in class or when teaching online. Using the music with a dance is a great way to help reinforce the days of the week, and it doesn't hurt to sing it everyday when teaching kindergarten aged students.

Song: Where's the Monkey?

A super cute video to help kids remember objects around their house and prepositions. A great way to introduce the grammar "Where is the...."

Song: Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

Head shoulders knees and toes is a great song which is enjoyed by almost all kindergarten and elementary students. Here is a super cute song and video which you can use to teach the dance, or show the students and make them dance along themselves. Click read more for more tips on how to teach this song in class.

What to think about before getting a job overseas.

If you are ready to take the plunge and attempt to work overseas, it's best to do your research before you take the first job you see on Craig's List and go getting off across the globe. I've been researching ESL jobs for a while now, and I've made this great list of things to look for when trying to get a job overseas.


The first thing you need to think about is location. Don't get sucked into a luxurious job with a fabulous salary and benefits if it's in a dangerous location, or place where you don't want to live.

Don't go work in China if you can't stand Chinese food. Don't go to Russia if you don't like cold weather.

Eastern Europe and South America have become popular teaching locations, but you need to consider the dangers involved. Some places may also be more dangerous for girls than guys, so please research the country or city where you want to work before you get there.

Great handwriting worksheets and videos

I recently came across this great site while searching for ABC practice worksheets for my students. All the sheets are free and it saves on buying textbooks for you and the students. They are also great and easy to send by email to students, and there are also great videos to help the students write.
The materials are by a great company called The Singing Walrus and you can check out their site for yourselves here. Below is their great collection of ABC worksheets (click read more if you can't see them). Clicking on the worksheet will take you to the worksheet page on their website.

One Student Classes

Found yourself teaching a one student class and struggling for ideas on what to do? Check out these great tips and ideas for teaching a one child class.

Keyword Game

A game for drilling vocab and grammar which is so easy you’ll be wondering why you didn't invent if yourself. All you need is an eraser.

Materials: Eraser, one between 2-4 students
Ages: 5 plus

How to play

Select one word or grammar point from the unit that you are currently studying or want to review. Place all the flashcards and words on the board, and then pick one word and circle it. This will become your Keyword.

Teaching Phonics

If you work as an English teacher for children you will undoubtedly have to teach phonics and reading to the children. It can be a little hard at first for native teachers teach, so here are some great materials for teaching phonics to the children in a fun and interesting way.

Great phonics songs

What better way to help the children remember phonics. You can sing the song every lesson before you being teaching phonics just to get them into the phonics mood. Here are two great songs that I recommend here.

Game: Fruit Basket

The fruit basket is a fun active game for learning new vocab with involves plenty of moment. It's great for students of any age or level, and even better for those students who can't stay still for long.

If you're working in Japan, all you have to do is say the word "furuba" and the students will already know what to do. For everyone else, here is a useful guide on how to play this great game.

Teacher Interview

Are you interested in appearing in one of our teacher interviews?
It's a great way to talk about your own experiences, and it's also a fantastic way of promoting yourself, business or blog. I regularly share each interview on the Kids ESL Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest a few times a year, so it's a great way of promoting yourself to hundreds of followers connected with ESL. It's also a great way to talk yourself up to future employers when applying for a new job

Check out the below example and contact me today at contact@kidsesl.net
Here are some example questions, but feel free to add your own.

Classroom Management

Having trouble controlling and motivating your class? Why not check out this great guide on classroom management and get those small children under control.

When I got my first job teaching English, I attended a training session where the trainer got up the front, and told us all that if we were exciting and interesting the children would naturally do whatever we wanted in class. After working as an English teacher for four years I can now say that IT’S LIES, IT’S ALL LIES!!!

Knowing nothing about teaching at the time I went into my first class of first graders (alone) and attempted to be as happy, interesting, and funny as possible, and it was a complete disaster. They ignored me completely, walked around the class, and it all spiralled down hill until one child was dancing on the table because he had worked out that no matter what he did I wasn’t going to punish him.

Do you like Broccoli Ice Cream? Song

Here is a great video introduced to me by a friend. It's great for introducing food words and the grammar "Do you like..." "yes I do/no I don't"

Check out this great video for more.

How to Get a Job in Japan

Thinking about living and working in Japan? I’ve been living here four years so I decided to write this helpful guide on how to get a job in Japan.

Kids ESL Youtube Channel

Subcribe to the Kids ESL Youtube channel for all the latest ESL, songs, vidoes and games for children, as well as many helpful videos about getting an ESL job and living overseas. I've also added a lot of different videos about food, clothing, phonics, and ABCs into different playlists that you can show the kids.


Check out the Kids ESL Youtube channel here

Learn English with Disney

Having trouble trying to motivate children to learn their ABCs? Why not check out some of these great Disney materials for learning the alphabet.

ESL Job reviews on Glassdoor

Want the low down on that great ESL job that you've been eyeing off on the Internet? Why not check it out on Glassdoor to see what’s really going on.

Learn English with Busy Beavers

Learn all about different foods and improve your students's English with these great sing-a-long vidoes by Busy Beavers. This first video is great for teaching kids all about meals and  "What do you like to eat for...." Read more to find ot how you can use these great videos in your classroom.

Teach English From Home

Want to teach English overseas but don't want to leave your home country? Why not check out these great alternatives for teaching English overseas through Skype and phone lessons

Super Kids Textbook

Super Kids is a great English textbook which is used mainly in Japan. The series is and enjoyable for all ages, and is a great introduction for kids who are just starting to learn English.

 Click read more for some helpful hints and advice about teaching the textbooks.

Kids ESL on Facebook

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Great ESL Ebooks

Looking for some great ESL resources while you are on the go? Why not check out some of these great ebooks on teaching ESL, and working as an English teacher overseas.

Learn English with Max and Alex

Kids love breakfast, so why not use the following video to help them remember breakfast vocabulary. Here is a great video staring two kids named Max and Alex as they talk about what they eat for breakfast and different food words.

Conversational Flashcards

Looking for some great ways to improve your students conversational skills? Check out these great new conversational flashcards.

Save ESL Youtube Videos to Your Computer

Tired of Youtube failing on you in the middle of class? Check out this great way of downloading Youtube videos onto your computer.

Easy News in English

Looking for English learning resources? Why not try the news. It's a great way to teach new words, vocabulary, and it's a great way to keep your students up to date on current events. The only problem is that a newspaper may be far too difficult for your students to understand, so I've found some great sites which have the news in easy to understand simple English, as well as some great activities that you can use with your students. Great for older children or teenagers who are looking for new and more challenging materials for their English learning