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Great ESL Ebooks

Looking for some great ESL resources while you are on the go? Why not check out some of these great ebooks on teaching ESL, and working as an English teacher overseas.

Learn English with Max and Alex

Kids love breakfast, so why not use the following video to help them remember breakfast vocabulary. Here is a great video staring two kids named Max and Alex as they talk about what they eat for breakfast and different food words.

Conversational Flashcards

Looking for some great ways to improve your students conversational skills? Check out these great new conversational flashcards.

Save ESL Youtube Videos to Your Computer

Tired of Youtube failing on you in the middle of class? Check out this great way of downloading Youtube videos onto your computer.

Easy News in English

Looking for English learning resources? Why not try the news. It's a great way to teach new words, vocabulary, and it's a great way to keep your students up to date on current events. The only problem is that a newspaper may be far too difficult for your students to understand, so I've found some great sites which have the news in easy to understand simple English, as well as some great activities that you can use with your students. Great for older children or teenagers who are looking for new and more challenging materials for their English learning