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Easy News in English

Looking for English learning resources? Why not try the news. It's a great way to teach new words, vocabulary, and it's a great way to keep your students up to date on current events. The only problem is that a newspaper may be far too difficult for your students to understand, so I've found some great sites which have the news in easy to understand simple English, as well as some great activities that you can use with your students. Great for older children or teenagers who are looking for new and more challenging materials for their English learning

News in Easy English

The great part about this website is that it has Spanish and Japanese vocab lists and translations which is great for showing you students. Especially if you live in Japan. There are also some great and helpful videos as well.

I usually print these articles and give them to my private students along with the web address, and they can listen to the news article and practise the pronunciation in their free time.

News in Levels


The great thing about this website is that you can chose the level of the article, and there are also videos that you can show your students to make sure that they understand the meaning of the article. I think their vocab lists are a little lacking, but I recently pulled all the difficult words out of an article and created a word list for a student.

Breaking News English

This website has lots of interesting writing activities that you can use along with the article, such as fill in the blanks. The articles are also in levels, and there’s lots of online spelling actives that you can even use to test your students on a computer. They also have speed reading. Your students might get a little bored if you make them do the same activity over and over again, but mixing up the tasks can help keep your classes fresh and interesting. They also have handouts and I think the material is good for adult classes as well.

Teaching Tips

Some students may feel overwhelmed if you give them the news article to read first, but if you go through the vocab list together and make sure they understand the meaning of the new words, it will help them build confidence when reading the news.

It’s also a great idea to make a vocab list of ten to twenty words from the article, and test them the following week to make sure they don’t forget the new material. It’s also a great way to remember vocabulary.

You can also assign a writing task, and make them write their thoughts and feelings about the current issue, or a related subject. Checking their writing is a great way of checking their  English progress

You can Learn English grammar with the help of AcademicHelp.net.

Know any other great news websites for English learners? Feel free to comment below.

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