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Great ESL Ebooks

Looking for some great ESL resources while you are on the go? Why not check out some of these great ebooks on teaching ESL, and working as an English teacher overseas.

Answers May Vary: Essays on Teaching English as a Second Language
Twenty-five essays on teaching English as a second language by renowned ELT materials writer and teacher trainer Dorothy Zemach. The wide variety of topics include classroom management, testing and assessment, teaching reading strategies, coping with cheating and plagiarism, teaching visual learners, culture shock, the value of a non-native teacher, and recognizing and overcoming teacher burnout
English for Nursery: How toTeach Nursery Kids English as a Second Language
By Shelley Vernon
English for Nursery - How to Teach English to Nursery Children is for you if you are teaching kids English in a nursery or preschool. It's easy and fun when you know how!
English for Nursery contains insight from 250 ESL teachers, teaching English as a second language to nursery kids. Learn exactly how to teach nursery children English with practical teaching ideas.

Drama Start, dramaactivities, plays and monologues for young children (ages 3 to 8).
‘Drama Start’ is a collection of drama activities, including games, role playing ideas, action poems, plays and monologues, suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 8. It can be used in Early Years’ settings or in primary schools.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language Through Friendly Literature for Young Learners
Many children's books have an overwhelming amount of complex English for a child to absorb during the initial stages of learning. This book studies the advantages and disadvantages of exposing children learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL) to English children's literature: poems, artwork, and narrative language.

Teaching English in Korea - The Party's Over
The industry shaking book, `Teaching English in Korea - The Party's Over' is written to focus on the hard question all teachers face: `How much money can I earn?' Economic, generational, social, technological and cultural factors are picked up, kicked about and dissected to reveal a career choice that is going to see wages fall dramatically. Every foreign teacher in Korea should read this book.



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