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Save ESL Youtube Videos to Your Computer

Tired of Youtube failing on you in the middle of class? Check out this great way of downloading Youtube videos onto your computer.

Recently Youtube has become a great source of language learning videos, but it can be difficult to use in the classroom.
Your classroom may not have an Internet connection, or you may log on one day to find that the video that you want has been deleted forever. Even if everything seems like it's running great, your video could suddenly stop and take time to load in front of a class of eagerly awaiting students.

This is where this great website comes in. There are various apps that you can use to download from Youtube, but most of them are full of spam. This website has been working great for me so far.

Keep Vid


You simply paste the video URL into the search bar, and you can easily download the video in various formats onto your computer. You can even download the video as an mp3 and burn a CD to use in class.

It's not a bad idea to download your own collection of useful ESL videos that you can quickly pull out in class if you have extra time.

Here are some other great videos that you can use in class.

Sing-a-long "Let it Go" Video
Super cute Hello Kitty ABC song

Clothing and 'he' 'she' 'it'

Foods and 'I like' and 'don't like'


Know any other great websites or apps for downloading Youtube videos? Feel free to comment below.

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