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Learn English with Busy Beavers

Learn all about different foods and improve your students's English with these great sing-a-long vidoes by Busy Beavers. This first video is great for teaching kids all about meals and  "What do you like to eat for...." Read more to find ot how you can use these great videos in your classroom.

The meal song

Although the graphics may be a little simple, I found the videos slow and easy for the students to understand. The songs are also quite simple and repetitive so it's easy for the students to sing a long and read the subtitles as well. They also cover many topics that are useful for everyday English conversation. I usually go through three steps when showing a student a video for the first time.

1. Watch the video together once and see what they can understand.
2. Watch the video, but pause and repeat after each sentence and explain anything they don't understand.
3. Sing the song together.

It's also worth giving the students the link to the song so that they can practise and sing in their free time, and I also recommend singing it a few times throughout the year so that the students don't forget the new words and grammar.

Here are some other videos that I think are worth checking out.

Can you do it?

Everyday actions and rooms in the house.

Do you have it?

Sometimes internet connections aren't so reliable and it's easier to teach with a DVD. You can purchase their DVDs by clicking on the picture. 

Check out their website here for more videos and products. You can also subscribe to their videos and resources


They also have this great paid Youtube channel that you can use to view all the videos for $1.99 US dollars a month. They also have many free video samples as well.


Other Great Videos from Kids ESL

Great sing-a-long Let it go video

Download Youtube videos to your computer

Learn all about breakfast foods with Max
and Alex
Practice "I like..." with this great sing-a-long

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