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Super Kids Textbook

Super Kids is a great English textbook which is used mainly in Japan. The series is and enjoyable for all ages, and is a great introduction for kids who are just starting to learn English.

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The children do need to know their ABC’s and some basic phonics to be able to do the workbook. I recommend doing some ABC and phonics practise every class. Once my students had mastered the ABC song, I taught them The Phonic’s Song for five minutes at the end of class and they really enjoyed it. You can also make them point the ABC’s on the page at the beginning of their textbook while they sing along to the song to help them remember.

They will also find the workbook fair easier to complete if you practise spelling the vocab words. If the kids have not interest in spelling try to turn it into a chant when you drill the flashcards, and point to the letter in every word like this.

Bird B-I-R-D bird
Cat C-A-T cat
Dog D-O-G dog

Make sure to teach the kids the songs. Some teachers find songs tedious and embarrassing, but it will make the grammar points 100x times easier for the kids to remember. I sometimes had trouble making the kids sing out loud, so I often offered stickers to the kid (or kids) who could sing the loudest. Try to also add dance moves to make it more interesting, and it’s also a good idea to make them practice singing at their desks while they follow along in the textbook with their finger.

I would also play the textbook CD in the background when they got to class early, were working in their workbooks, doing ABC practice, or any down time where they didn’t need to listen to my instructions. This also made it easier for them to remember and retain the material, and improved their English listening skills.

Recommended games.
Bingo (Make the children write down five vocab words, and slowly call them out one by one until the children get bingo)

Ever taught Super Kids? Feel free to comment below.

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  1. hi, I am wondering if I should choose Super kid textbook or Everybody up, I am teaching in Vietnam, any advice or reviews between these 2? thanks a bunch

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