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Teacher Interview

Are you interested in appearing in one of our teacher interviews?
It's a great way to talk about your own experiences, and it's also a fantastic way of promoting yourself, business or blog. I regularly share each interview on the Kids ESL Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest a few times a year, so it's a great way of promoting yourself to hundreds of followers connected with ESL. It's also a great way to talk yourself up to future employers when applying for a new job

Check out the below example and contact me today at contact@kidsesl.net
Here are some example questions, but feel free to add your own.

Classroom Management

Having trouble controlling and motivating your class? Why not check out this great guide on classroom management and get those small children under control.

When I got my first job teaching English, I attended a training session where the trainer got up the front, and told us all that if we were exciting and interesting the children would naturally do whatever we wanted in class. After working as an English teacher for four years I can now say that IT’S LIES, IT’S ALL LIES!!!

Knowing nothing about teaching at the time I went into my first class of first graders (alone) and attempted to be as happy, interesting, and funny as possible, and it was a complete disaster. They ignored me completely, walked around the class, and it all spiralled down hill until one child was dancing on the table because he had worked out that no matter what he did I wasn’t going to punish him.

Do you like Broccoli Ice Cream? Song

Here is a great video introduced to me by a friend. It's great for introducing food words and the grammar "Do you like..." "yes I do/no I don't"

Check out this great video for more.

How to Get a Job in Japan

Thinking about living and working in Japan? I’ve been living here four years so I decided to write this helpful guide on how to get a job in Japan.

Kids ESL Youtube Channel

Subcribe to the Kids ESL Youtube channel for all the latest ESL, songs, vidoes and games for children, as well as many helpful videos about getting an ESL job and living overseas. I've also added a lot of different videos about food, clothing, phonics, and ABCs into different playlists that you can show the kids.


Check out the Kids ESL Youtube channel here

Learn English with Disney

Having trouble trying to motivate children to learn their ABCs? Why not check out some of these great Disney materials for learning the alphabet.

ESL Job reviews on Glassdoor

Want the low down on that great ESL job that you've been eyeing off on the Internet? Why not check it out on Glassdoor to see what’s really going on.