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Do you like Broccoli Ice Cream? Song

Here is a great video introduced to me by a friend. It's great for introducing food words and the grammar "Do you like..." "yes I do/no I don't"

Check out this great video for more.

Scroll down for the real video here.

Like all videos the kids would get a lot more out of it if you play it a few times and take the time to teach them the lyrics. Songs are also great for revision, so you can always sing the song in class a few weeks after teaching them "do you like..." as a fun way to review old grammar. You can also sing in class every once in a while just to make sure that they don't forget it.

You can also replay the food words with other words that they have been learning in class, and make up your own strange and amazing food combinations. There seems to be no karaoke version, but you can always sing it without the song and video.

Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream? is also available on the Super Simple Songs Volume 2 DVD! Get it on Amazon! A great collection of songs for any ESL school or company.

You can also find more of their great songs here as well

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