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One Student Classes

Found yourself teaching a one student class and struggling for ideas on what to do? Check out these great tips and ideas for teaching a one child class.

Keyword Game

A game for drilling vocab and grammar which is so easy you’ll be wondering why you didn't invent if yourself. All you need is an eraser.

Materials: Eraser, one between 2-4 students
Ages: 5 plus

How to play

Select one word or grammar point from the unit that you are currently studying or want to review. Place all the flashcards and words on the board, and then pick one word and circle it. This will become your Keyword.

Teaching Phonics

If you work as an English teacher for children you will undoubtedly have to teach phonics and reading to the children. It can be a little hard at first for native teachers teach, so here are some great materials for teaching phonics to the children in a fun and interesting way.

Great phonics songs

What better way to help the children remember phonics. You can sing the song every lesson before you being teaching phonics just to get them into the phonics mood. Here are two great songs that I recommend here.

Game: Fruit Basket

The fruit basket is a fun active game for learning new vocab with involves plenty of moment. It's great for students of any age or level, and even better for those students who can't stay still for long.

If you're working in Japan, all you have to do is say the word "furuba" and the students will already know what to do. For everyone else, here is a useful guide on how to play this great game.