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One Student Classes

Found yourself teaching a one student class and struggling for ideas on what to do? Check out these great tips and ideas for teaching a one child class.

A one student class can be a completely different dynamic compared to a more lively class with many students. Some children have no problem being alone with the teacher and enjoy the attention, other normally talkative kids suddenly become quiet and it’s a struggle to make them answer even simple questions. Some kids breeze through all the activities is half the time and it can be a struggle to fill up the whole one hour. Other kids may become bored and begin to misbehave and destroy the classroom. 

With no other children in the classroom to play with, you will have to become one of the students. Lower your maturity level and throw in some jokes (but still punish them if they misbehave). Play all the games together with the child. The student may lose their motivating if you continually beat them at everything, so it’s probably best to deliberately lose half the time. 

Here are some great games that you can try with your one student class, clicking on the game will take you to a page with game instructions.

Hangman is also another great game that you can play to help improve their spelling and vocabulary, and concentration is also great as well.

If you have some extra time showing them a quick video is a great as well. Children usually can’t concentrate for long periods of time, so it’s better to show them no more than ten minutes of video a lesson. You can find a great collection of videos for children that I have written about here.

Other great ideas for killing time in a one student class

Get creative. Learning about directions and places in a town? Why not draw and design your own town. Learning about food? Why not design your own shop or supermarket.

Assign them vocab to remember and give them a spelling test. It’s a great way to kill time in class and it will improve their vocabulary and spelling.

Give them homework and mark it together. Assigning homework usually kills about five minutes at the end of class, and going through it together and practicing their mistakes is a great way to kill time as well.

Practice their reading Why not try and work on their phonicsor try reading a simple and funny news article from one of the websites here.

Won’t listen you and runs wild in the classroom? Why not try motivating them with stickers (click here for tips on using stickers) or let them play a great game on your iphone or tablet for five minutes at the end of class. You can also check out a great guide on behavior management here

Want more than just one kid in a class? Why not recommend holding a trial or demo lesson to your boss or school owner. It may be a little extra work for yourself, but usually holding a free trial or demo lesson seems to be the most popular way of gaining new students these days.

Have any great ideas for a one student class? Feel free to comment below.


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