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Teaching Phonics

If you work as an English teacher for children you will undoubtedly have to teach phonics and reading to the children. It can be a little hard at first for native teachers teach, so here are some great materials for teaching phonics to the children in a fun and interesting way.

Great phonics songs

What better way to help the children remember phonics. You can sing the song every lesson before you being teaching phonics just to get them into the phonics mood. Here are two great songs that I recommend here.

I really love the song below and I even recorded to CD using this website http://adf.ly/13HMNa and made the children point the ABC letters in their textbook while singing the song. Some of the children still had trouble remembering the phonics, but their pronunciation all improved by practicing all the English sounds every week.


Games are also a great way to enforce phonics. Why not try this great card slap game using ABC cards. You can call out the pronunciation and the children have to hit the ABC card.

I also used to play this scary flashcard game with my first and second grade class. I showed them cards with only words written on them and they would pronounce them out loud until we landed on the ghost card. I would then chase after them and they had to run and touch the wall behind them which was the safe zone. Those small children quickly learnt to recognize the word ghost when they realized I would come chasing after them. You can read more about the game here.

Game such as hangman and wordfinds are also great ways to help reinforce phonics.


Most schools will usually provide you with a textbook for teaching phonics, they may also have their own set teaching style that they will want you to follow. If not here are some great phonics textbooks. Clickling on the picture will page will take you to the product page where you can learn more.

Phonics DVDs

What better way to make phonics, look exciting, but with videos, lots and lots of videos. Clicking on the picture will take you to the product page.


Here are some great websites which also have great materials for teaching phonics to children.

Phonics World
A good free website which has plenty of worksheets, flashcards, and games.

Reading bear
A great free website that has plenty of phonics materials

Final Notes

Phonics will generally take a while for the children to learn. ABCs can also become quite boring for small children if you study them for long periods of time, so it is better to do a little every lesson if possible. I usually leave ABCs and phonics until the end of my lesson,  and then assign them writing tasks as homework.

Do you have any great ideas for teachings phonics? I’d love to hear about them so please feel free to comment below or join the discussion in our forum.

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