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Great handwriting worksheets and videos

I recently came across this great site while searching for ABC practice worksheets for my students. All the sheets are free and it saves on buying textbooks for you and the students. They are also great and easy to send by email to students, and there are also great videos to help the students write.
The materials are by a great company called The Singing Walrus and you can check out their site for yourselves here. Below is their great collection of ABC worksheets (click read more if you can't see them). Clicking on the worksheet will take you to the worksheet page on their website.

You can find the rest of the alphabet worksheets here http://q.gs/8Nz81

I have seen many teachers hand the children a practice sheet and let them go for it, but I believe it’s important to first demonstrate the correct writing order to the children otherwise they start improvising and learn them incorrectly. I also once had a workbook which taught a strange stroke order which was very confusing. Here are some examples of ABC mistakes by young learners which you should look out for.

Some children will also attempt to write the ABCs from the bottom upwards, so it’s important to demonstrate that they are always written from top to bottom.

If things couldn't get better they also have these great Youtube videos which also teach the correct writing order for each ABC. Here is a quick example of their video for the letter “a” and you can check out the rest of their Youtube channel for yourself Here

You can see the rest of the alphabet videos here http://j.gs/8025534/walrus

No matter how many times you demonstrate the correct order some children quickly forget as soon as they walk out of the classroom door, so I created this great collection of short URLs for each video which  Or simply keep the list for yourself so that you can quickly whip out an ABC video to show the children in class.

Another great idea is to practice writing invisible ABCs in the air with their finger. They also think it's hilarious if you try doing it with your elbow, foot, knee, head, or bum. It's amazing how much easier they remember if you try it many times or even karate chop that capital T in the air.

Know any other great ways or teaching ABCs or have great materials of your own? Feel free to comment below.

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