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Song: Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

Head shoulders knees and toes is a great song which is enjoyed by almost all kindergarten and elementary students. Here is a super cute song and video which you can use to teach the dance, or show the students and make them dance along themselves. Click read more for more tips on how to teach this song in class.

Like all songs it is always best to demonstrate it in front of the class so that they find it easier to follow along once you show them the video.
  • First start off by making the students touch the body parts featured in the video and make them repeat the words after you. 
  • Next sing the song very slowly and make them follow along until they can do it.
  • Next sing the song at a normal speed.
  • Last make them sing along with the video
  • This video also speeds up as well which all children love.

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  1. There is by and large just a single verse with verses like those underneath. The second line rehashes the principal line both in words and in tune, the third line has a rising tone, and the fourth line rehashes the initial two. Kids may move while they sing the tune and contact their head, shoulders, knees, and toes in arrangement while singing each word.

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