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Handwriting practice

Need help getting your students to write their name or basic English words? Why not use this great name tracer generator.

Great English Learning Apps

Have a few minutes left of class but nothing to do? Looking for a great way to reward students or encourage them to learn English in their own free time? Check out these great English learning apps for your smartphone or tablet.
English Nina

I thought this game might have been a little lame but my kindergarten and elementary school kids were really into it. The kids listen to English words and then select the correct box on the screen. If they're correct the ninja will punch through enemies until the end of the level. You can also chose different characters to play as and there's a super cute girl nina as well. The first few levels are free and then I think you need to pay money, but many of my kids just played the free levels over and over again.

Check out the free version of English Ninja on itunes here

Teach English with Songs

Using songs in class is a great way to reinforce grammar and vocab. Many schools and textbooks already have their own songs, so sometimes it's as easy as just using the songs you have provided. Read more to see how you can utilize songs in and outside the classroom.

Let's Go Texbook

Let's go is a great textbook series that you can use in your class, private lessons, or at home to help teach children English.

The first book is for beginners or small children with no English language background, and it then moves onto book 1 and 2. You can purchase the books yourself on Amazon buy clicking on the above images. The material is a little harder compared to some other children's textbooks that I've used, but I believe that it's better for teaching English. Most of the students I've seen who have used this book have far better English skills and can actually hold a decent conversation. Here's an example of some of the pages.

Game: Colour touch

The default game that I always turn to when teaching colors to small children. Students walk around the classroom touching the different colors that you call out. It's simple, easy, and all you need is your classroom.

Great Phonics Songs

If you are trying to teach young students how to read you will have to repeat the same sounds multiple times, and it can be difficult for students to remember. There is also only so many times that you can say "a is for apple" before you start driving yourself crazy. Therefore I found these great easy songs that you can sing with your students to help them remember all those tricky sounds. You can also download the songs to your computer using this great website called Keepvid. http://www.keepvid.com