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Game: Colour touch

The default game that I always turn to when teaching colors to small children. Students walk around the classroom touching the different colors that you call out. It's simple, easy, and all you need is your classroom.

Age: 3-10 (You can play this game with older children but they are more likely to become board faster.
Materials: Color flashcards or color pencils.

How to play

After teaching the students colors make them all sit down and explain that you will be playing a game. Demonstrate that after you call a color, the students need to walk around the room touching objects with the same color such as posters and furniture.

It's also great to then bring one student to the front and have them play the game in front of the other students. You may have to guide them around the room and point out the colors, but the other students are more likely to pay attention when it's one of their classmates at the front of the room. Praise the student for their great work, and then make all the students stand up and play together. The students will need to see the flashcard (or color) if they are still learning colors and don't know the English well, but once they gain more confidence you can try just saying the color. Things will become loud, so it's best to make the students all return to the center of the room and sit down before telling them the next color.

When playing the game it's great to start off with colors that are easy to find, and then slowly make it more and more difficult like gold and silver. Watch the students go nuts as they search for a color which is almost impossible to get.

Most kids may just touch one colour and then stand there, so you can also encourage the kids to try touching as many as possible.


Like all games it's always important to enforce the no-running rule. Don't be afraid to stop the game half-way through and remind the children if things start getting out of control. Running leads to tripping, which leads to injuries, which usually leads to angry parents. It's also important to remove any dangers from the room and warn the children of any potential hazards that they need to look out for.

I once attapted this game for online Skype lessons by showing the students a color and asking the students to bring me an object with the same color. It worked great, and you can also race your student to see who can find an object first.

Know any other great games with colors? Feel free to comment below.