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Let's Go Texbook

Let's go is a great textbook series that you can use in your class, private lessons, or at home to help teach children English.

The first book is for beginners or small children with no English language background, and it then moves onto book 1 and 2. You can purchase the books yourself on Amazon buy clicking on the above images. The material is a little harder compared to some other children's textbooks that I've used, but I believe that it's better for teaching English. Most of the students I've seen who have used this book have far better English skills and can actually hold a decent conversation. Here's an example of some of the pages.

I spend at least four lessons on each chapter and use other materials such as songs, videos, games, and worksheets to help reinforce the material. Here are some of the materials which I have been using here. You can click on them to find out more.


Head shoulders knees and toes
Where's the Monkey?
Days of the Week.
Do you like Broccoli Ice Cream?
The Clothing Song
This is my family


Colour Touch
Keyword Game
Rock Paper Scissors Battle
Card Slap Game

Some chapters are easier or harder for students to understand based on their age or background, so don't be afraid to spend longer on anything that they don't understand, if you are not pressed for time. The students will also forget previously learnt material, so I highly recommend reviewing old material and chapters with even a song or quick game at the start of every lesson. I also photocopied pages from the textbook and made mini cards for games to play with my student.

The book has a lot of print, so I feel that the students can get a lot more out of it if they can already read English, or you spend extra time reinforcing phonics and reading. You can find some materials for teaching phonics here http://www.kidsesl.net/2015/04/teaching-phonics.html and some other great phonics songs that I picked out here http://www.kidsesl.net/2015/09/great-phonics-songs.html

Children from non-European language speaking backgrounds may also need more practise with the grammar and phonics. I teach this book to a Japanese boy, and many concepts such as this/these  do/does  like/likes  doesn't exist in Japanese, and the sentence structure is completely different. My Chinese students also had difficulty with plurals and the difference between I  like and he likes. Such students usually need a more detailed explanation and demonstration with gestures or pictures. 

I also highly recommend teaching the songs, or at least making the students sing along or chant with the CD. It will make remembering the grammar 100% easier for them. I found that some of the chants were too fast for my student, so singing them slowly, or using a program which can slow down the speed is also a great idea.

The workbooks are also a great way to reinforce the grammar and practice writing. You can also assign the pages as homework. If you chose not to purchase the workbook I highly recommend giving the students print-outs from the web to help practice their writing. You can find some great ABC practice worksheets here. http://www.kidsesl.net/2015/05/great-handwriting-worksheets-and-videos.html

Clicking on the book images will take you to the amazon page.

 Ever used Let's go in class? Feel free to comment below!