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Planning an ESL Lesson

Many schools or organisations may have their own ways of planning a lesson that they want you to follow, but I wrote this guide for anyone who is new to ESL lesson planning and doesn't know what to do.

Game: Hangman

A great quick spelling game to help reinforce vocabulary. Click read more to find out how to play with your students, and see some more happier and child friendly versions of the game as well.

Halloween Games, Songs, Worksheets and Crafts.

Need a Halloween lesson for your school or students. Check out these great Halloween materials that you can use in class.

Song: What's Your Phone Number? (Sing-along)

A great song to help your students remember how to talk about phone numbers. It's a great idea to also sing this song karaoke style and change number to your student's phone number to help them remember.

Teaching Shapes

Teaching shapes in class? Check out these great games, songs, activities, flashcards and worksheets to help you teach shapes to your children or students.

Game: Bingo

Teaching numbers in class? Playing bingo is a great way to practise and reinforce numbers in English, and you can also use it for practising vocab and spelling as well.

Game: The Price is Right

A great game to play with students to help reinforce numbers and shopping. Read more to find out how to adapt this game for students and the classroom.