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Game: Bingo

Teaching numbers in class? Playing bingo is a great way to practise and reinforce numbers in English, and you can also use it for practising vocab and spelling as well.

Age 6+
Materials: Pencils and bingo grid worksheet.

How to play

After introducing and reviewing numbers in English. Explain to the children that you will be playing bingo. For children who don't know numbers well (and you're not going up until large numbers) it's best to write the numbers on the board.

One the children finish writing you can begin to play the game. Call out each number slowly, get the children to repeat the number, then cross it off the board. Some children may have difficulty understanding if you only call out the number, but if you mark or cross it off the board, even the students with low level English can enjoy the game.

Once students get four numbers in a row they can call out bingo. You can then play the game again two of three times for even more practice.

If you have your own bingo wheel it's great to use in class and the kids love to spin it, but you may end up wasting time spinning the wheel and the kids often fight over who gets to do it. I usually just call the numbers myself to make everything easier and faster, but they will go nuts over a wheel.

Click here to order your own bingo wheel online.

Other variations

The great thing about bingo is that you can even play it with low level numbers. I recently played bingo on a nine square grid with 3rd graders using the numbers 1-12. In this case it was far too easy for them to get bingo, so I changed the rules so that they had to circle all nine numbers before they could call out bingo. You can download my nine square bingo sheet here.

Spelling bingo

Spelling bingo is another great great game which can make spelling a hundred time more exciting.

Here is an example of a spelling bingo sheet that I made for my junior high school class, but you can also just write the words on the board and ask the students to write eight words in their notebooks.

click the picture to get a larger version that you can print and download

Have any great bingo ideas? Feel free to comment below.