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Game: Hangman

A great quick spelling game to help reinforce vocabulary. Click read more to find out how to play with your students, and see some more happier and child friendly versions of the game as well.

Age: 5+
Materials: A white board and marker, or just paper and a pen.

Pick a word that the students already know and draw the number of letters on the board like this. For this example the word is "apple."

Ask the students to raise their hand and guess the letters in the word. If they guess correctly praise them and write the letter in the space.

But if they guess incorrectly write the letter below and begin to draw a hangman.

Continue asking the students to guess letters. If the students manage to guess the word before the hangman is complete they are the winners. But if they continue to guess incorrectly and the hangman is completed, the the teacher is the winner.

It is best to write the letters that they guessed under the word so that the students don't ask for the same letters again and again. Once the students get used to this game you can ask them to play in pairs to help reinforce their own spelling.

These days many teachers prefer not to play hangman due to its grim nature, so you can also change the hangman into any picture you like. You can also check out this other happier version below.

Erase the teacher 

Instead of drawing a hangman, first draw a picture of yourself and then erase a body part whenever the student guess a wrong letter. The students loose if you are completely erased. You can also use a popular cartoon character, or even one of your students if you think that they won't get upset or made fun of by the other students.

Know any other great spelling games? Feel free to comment below!

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