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Need a Halloween lesson for your school or students. Check out these great Halloween materials that you can use in class.


Halloween Rock Paper Scissors

A variation of the regular "Rock-Paper-Scissors," but instead of saying rock paper scissors 1 2 3! the students instead say pumpkin bat spider trick or treat!  It's great to play with a large class.

Explain to the children that instead of playing rock paper scissors 1 2 3!  you will be playing pumpkin bat spider trick or treat!  stand at the front of the room and explain that instead of battling 1-1 all the students will instead battle the teacher at once. The students who lose against the teacher must then sit down, and the last remaining student is the winner. Ask the students to all stand and play the game.

This game can get a little boring after you play it a few times, so it's a good idea to ask one of the students to come to the front and replace the teacher. Small children really enjoy battling their friends.

What's in the box

A cardboard box and Halloween objects.
Paint a cardboard box black and cut a hole at the top which is large enough for the children to put their hands in. Put a Halloween related object into the box, and the students have to put their hand into the box and guess what the object is.

Trick or Treat Game

Brown paper bag. Slips of paper, stickers/candy.
Place slips of paper in a brown lunch bag. On each piece of paper write a different trick such as "hop on one foot" or "close your eyes and touch your nose."[
Have each child in turn say "trick or treat" and draw a paper from the bag. Once they preform the trick say "treat" and give them either a sticker or some candy.

Note: It probably isn't best to give the children candy if they still have lots of class time left. Telling them to put it into their bags and eat it when they get home doesn't always go down too well either.

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Make a skeleton. Activity from
Make a Jack-o-lantern. A craft from crafty Morning http://www.craftymorning.com/

Songs and Videos

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