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Happy Angry Fruit. An original story by Kids ESL

Here is a cute free ebook that I made to help teach kindergarten and young elementary school students fruits and emotions. Children love stories, but many English picture books are just too difficult for them to understand. Therefore I made this super simple version.

It's free to download here with my web address on the pages, but if you would like a version without the blog address (or you would like to pay for it because you are a kind and lovely person) you can purchase it below from for just $1 USD. That's just 1/4 of the cost of a cup of coffee, and if you use it multiple times then it's defiantly worth it! It also comes with a free powerpoint version which is super easy to show to your students, and the image quality is a little better. Click read more too see some pictures.

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Song: Put on Your Shoes

A great cute song and video which teachers clothing as well as the phrases "Put on your..." and "hurry up." It's super easy, repetitive, and great to use in any clothing unit. Click read more to see more teaching tips.

Guide to Teaching English on Skype

Interested in teaching English from home on Skype. I've been teaching English at home for almost a year, so I wrote this great helpful guide for anyone who is considering teaching English at home on their computer.