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Song: Put on Your Shoes

A great cute song and video which teachers clothing as well as the phrases "Put on your..." and "hurry up." It's super easy, repetitive, and great to use in any clothing unit. Click read more to see more teaching tips.

This song is a great for introducing clothes and to practice the phrase "put on your....." Another way to help them remember is to make the students sing along with the video and even make them do the actions. The hurry up part is supper easy for most children.

If you want to know more about how to teach songs to children you can check out my other article about using music in the classroom here.

The songs is by a great company called Super Simple Songs. You can check out more songs at their YouTube channel here. 

Many kids really enjoy their other songs "Do you like Broccoli  Ice-cream" which you can check out for yourself below.

Know any great songs? Feel free to comment below of post them in the Awesome Songs section of the forum.

Check out this other great song about clothes.

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