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Pointing Game

If you thought that there wasn't anything easier than The Keyword Game think again. All you need is your textbook to play this super easy pointing game.

Age: 6+
Class size: 2+
Materials: Textbook

Explain to the students that you will be playing a pointing game. Demonstrate that when you call a word they have to point to that word in their textbook.

Ask a teacher or volunteer to come up the front and demonstrate that two people will battle each other using one textbook. The first student to point to the word that you call out gets one point. Repeat the game three or five times, and the person who has the most points at the end is the winner. Hint: The volunteers usually become very happy if you let them win.

Next ask your students to get into groups of two (or three if you have an odd number) and share one textbook between them. Ask them to put their hands on their heads until you call out the word to avoid cheating. Begin calling out the words and the student who touches the word first gets one point. Older children can usually remember how many points they have. Repeat the game as many times as you like, and the student with the most points at the end is the winner.

The only disadvantage of this game is that it's super easy so the students will become bored with it quickly. You can keep the game interesting by making four students compete against each other with only one textbook. I also once worked with a teacher who would make the students touch each word with one finger so that they were playing a bizarre game of twister with their hands. They would have to eventually fold or scrunch the page in order to touch all the words.

Know any other super easy games? Feel free to post about them here in our forum. (Click here to go to the forum)

Help reinforce words with this super easy keyword game


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