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Game: Monster Attack

Switching between first and third person can be difficult for some second language learners. Therefore I made this great game to help them practice, and they can attack monsters. Click read more to see how to play this great monster attack game.

Age: 8+
Students: 1+ (You can play this with only one student if you take the role of the student)

Working at a cram school vs working a regular school

Working at a cram school vs working a regular school

Cram school or regular school? That is the question. If you plan on working overseas you may have to decide between working at a regular school, or working at an English language school. I’ve worked at both, and talked to plenty of people who have as well, so I’ve made this summary about the positives and negatives of both to help you decide on your future work choices.

Song: How's The Weather

Out of all the weather songs I've tried this one is my favourite so far. Talking about the weather is one of the foundations for learning English. It can be a little hard for kids to remember all the weather words at once, so here is this great song and video that helps them to remember well.

Asking the kids "How's the weather?" at the start of every class is a great way to help them remember too!