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Game: Monster Attack

Switching between first and third person can be difficult for some second language learners. Therefore I made this great game to help them practice, and they can attack monsters. Click read more to see how to play this great monster attack game.

Age: 8+
Students: 1+ (You can play this with only one student if you take the role of the student)

This game works a little like the popular game Battleship.

Like all games it’s best to demonstrate it first with a co-teacher or smart kid at the front of the class before playing the game. Some students may have trouble seeing the words from a distance so it’s best to give them a copy of the worksheets, but many young people will just play with the paper instead of paying attention, so sometimes it’s best not to give them the paper until the demonstration is over.

Next, hand out copied of the below worksheet if they don’t have it already. Click on the picture to get the worksheet. Some students with lower levels of English may have trouble reading the words, so practice pronouncing all the words and get them to repeat after you just to practice.


Get the students into pairs. Without their partner seeing, each student draws six monsters in six blank squares in their defence zone. Like this.

They then fold their paper along the dotted line in the middle so that their partner can not see their monsters.

The two students then take turns attacking each other’s monsters by making sentences. For example, if one student wanted to attack the square between I like and stew they could do so by saying I like stew to their partner. Their partner then replies hit if there is a monster there, or miss if it’s just a blank square. The game should go something like this.

Student A: I like cats.

Student B: Miss. She likes stew.

Student A: Hit. Pikachu likes Pizza.

Student B: Miss. You like drawing.

The first student to eliminate all their partner’s monsters is the winner.

If you have an odd number of students you can also have one group with three people!

Know any other great games for reinforcing third person? Feel free to post them in our forum here. We would love to hear them.







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