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Video Fun Foods! A vocabulary book for ESL students and young learners

Check out this cute video for learning food words!

Amazon Kindle ebook http://a.co/d/4bOE4W7 

Remember popular foods in English with this great ebook full or adorable and funny pictures. 
Primarily aimed at children who are learning English as a second language, it is also suitable for young children who already speak English.

The ebook contains that following foods and drinks.

Apple, strawberry, watermelon, orange, banana, carrot, peach, pineapple, eggplant, potato, tomato, pumpkin, egg, bread, rice, cheese, tofu, sushi, soup, curry, pizza, hamburger, french fries, chocolate, cookie, cake, shaved ice, ice-cream, tea, milk, water, meat.

Feel free to check the free preview and purchase at your own leisure. http://a.co/d/4bOE4W7


Communicate with students, friends, family, and help them remember English foods with this great sticker set that you can use on the Line app! https://line.me/S/sticker/5126750